Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station

No space in your lab?
Here‘s your compact multitasking reaction talent.

For all Chemical Reaction such as Crystallization, Solubility, Protein Crystallization, Synthesis and Catalytic reactions.
Also in the Petro Chemical and Food Industries, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Environments.


The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station is the world’s most advanced Reaction Station specifically designed for small working areas in today’s modern laboratories. The compact and modular design gives you the opportunity of being efficient and flexible for all of your applications. The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station is therefore a perfect partner for your laboratory!

The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station has up to ten variable and interchangeable reaction modules (Plug ‘and’ Play©). All positions can be used independently from one another. This machine is ideal for permanent operation and is therefore your best partner for  long-term experiments.

Temperature selection can be set from -30°C to +180°C with interval settings of 0.1°C. Temperature profiles can be programmed depending on your individual reaction requirements. Each position has individual stirring control with a stirring range from 200 to 4000 rpm. The stirring now can also be programmed with a profile function which will allow you to closely monitor the work process.

All settings are made via an intuitive touch screen menu. The touch screen is detachable to place the Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station inside a fume hood or safety enclosure making it possible to have full control from outside.

In addition to the Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station we also offer a wide range of innovative and advanced accessories individually for all positions.

The ITA Incentive™ Vision probe allows you to take parallel IR and UV measurements at the same time as well as monitoring the temperature of your experiment and/or controlling the reaction temperature exactly and precisely according to your specifications.

The ITA Incentive™ Temperature probe can also be connected separately to control and monitor the reaction temperature in the solution exactly and precisely according to your specifications.

The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station may be used with an optional reflux unit, high pressure vessels, as well as to introduce an inert gas supply in the near future.

Liquid working volume range in the Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station  is 1 ml to 150 ml.

The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station is ideal to retest and reproduce initial findings and transfer these results into a larger scale, a notable feature that has never been previously possible.

The Incentive Parallel Reactor Station is also ideal for quick screening and synthesis reactions  under standardised and reproducible conditions.


Incentive modules

Illustrated is:

Basic machine with different sized modules connected at the same time. The ‘plug and play’© system allows the different modules to be independently operated at the same time.
You can switch to different sized modules at any time, as required, even during operation.

Size of available modules: 25 mm, 40 mm and 58 mm. We are pleased to be able to offer additional ‘special’ modules manufactured upon request.
Each module has a unique identification code that enables the software to recognise which module is connected in which position. E.g. after changing the module the software is able to recognise which module it is and provides immediate access to the saved data that was created using this module before.