Incentive™ Vision IR/UV

Highly sophisticated IR/UV probe with additional temperature measuring function

The ITA Incentive™ Parallel reaction Station can be extended by using the Incentive™ Vision IR/UV probe. Simply plug the probe into the USB socket on the Incentive™ for use.


Vision with USB cable und optoelectronic unit

The Incentive™ Vision IR/UV probe is able to measure UV and IR at 4 different wave-lengths. In addition the probe is also able to control and monitor the solution temperature using an additional temperature probe.

LED Detector

The ITA Incentive™ Parallel Reaction Station can take up to 10 probes. (1 probe per module). All the probes are connected via a bus system which collects the signals ready for the microcontroller. The microcontroller processes the incoming data from each module to provide individual results per module and per wavelength used, including  the temperature in the solution / experiment.

The Incentive™ Vision IR/UV probe can also be used away from the device at any time using separate, small and simple software. All you have to do is connect the probe to a PC using the normal USB connection.

Incentive Vision Performance


Incentive Vision

The ITA Incentive™ Parallel Reaction Station shown in 6 modules. Attached such as the a separately connected temperature probe and the IR//UV probe can be plugged into the modules via the USB sockets located on the modules. The system requires very little space in your lab.