ITA heating mantle series -
For efficient laboratory work

Twice as fast – According to current international standards

The new heating mantle series from ITA is without doubt the most advanced heating mantle series currently on the market. This is due to its new generation of heating
element and the multi-functional design with chemical resistant housing.

The ITA heating mantle is twice as fast as other products. The innovative construction of the heating mantle provides a more efficient heat transfer between the heating element
and the flask this leads to faster and more precise results.

With its `cool to touch case‘ you are able to touch the outside of the housing at any time during a reaction.

The innovative technology guarantees greater laboratory safety, it is user friendly and is easy to operate.

The stirred version has strong stirring capacity which ensures exact mixing.

The safety standards of the device are according to the new standard regulations: EN 61010-1:2010 (IEC 61010-1:2013).


12 Key Benefits:

  • The new generation of heating elements is a completely insulated type of heating element
  • We also protect the electronics against spillages – so the new generation of mantles is spill proofed according to the new standard regulations
  • Twice as fast: Efficient heat transfer between heating element and flask
  • Suitable for round flasks from 100 ml to 1000 ml
  • `Cool to touch case´ you are able to touch the outside of the housing at any time during a reaction
  • Maximum element temperature of 450°C
  • Step less temperature control for more exact regulation (10 Positions)
  • LED-indication of ongoing operation
  • Easy to operate and space-saving design
  • Chemical-resistant housing made of ABS flame retardant material
  • High capacity stirring functionality
  • Twin fused for added safety

230 V


Model type Size Voltage Watts Fuse
Stirring Stir speed
Bowl diameter
ITAMB0100230 100ml 230 50Hz 150 F1.25 N N/A 67mm
ITAMB0250230 250ml 230 50Hz 200 F1.25 N N/A 87mm
ITAMB0500230 500ml 230 50Hz 300 F2.5 N N/A 106mm
ITAMB1000230 1000ml 230 50Hz 400 F2.5 N N/A 136mm
ITAMS0100230 100ml 230 50Hz 150 F2.5 Y 200 to 800 67mm
ITAMS0250230 250ml 230 50Hz 200 F2.5 Y 200 to 800 87mm
ITAMS0500230 500ml 230 50Hz 300 F3.15 Y 200 to 800 106mm
ITAMS1000230 1000ml 230 50Hz 400 F3.15 Y 200 to 800 136mm
Fuse type 20mm x 5mm Glass Quickblow - Two per Mantle.
Maximum element temperature 450 deg C
Heater construction Due to the patented construction with a sealed heating element this product is currently with the latest BSEN61010 regulations.
Case construction Flame retardant ABS
Stirring Electromagnetic coils with sequential operation.
Special features chimney draft effect to keep case walls cool.
Dimensions Height: 131mm, Width: 192mm, Length: 290mm
Weight 3,75 kg
Ingress Rating IP 32 ref BS EN60529/DIN 0470
10 levels of temperature control for more exact temperature regulation.
Conforms to CE safety standards.


Available in autumn 2018 – 2000 ml to 6000 ml.