Our Model

ITA Instruments develops equipment for laboratory-specific applications. By means of our products, we want to make the workflows in the laboratory more efficient and more user-friendly.

We know more.

Our longstanding know-how in the area of laboratory products as well as our scientific education help us to understand the specific customer requirements and to develop solution-orientated products.

We always focus on the user.

It is our aim to configure our products in such a way that they will also meet the future requirements of our customers. For this reason, we respond to the individual needs of the customer with respect to the product, by taking into account the necessary regulations.

We make quality affordable.

We want to provide our products with a design that enables the user to use the product easily and comprehensibly in the application desired by the customer. For this purpose, we dispense with unnecessary application possibilities. Our products have a good price-performance ratio. But we do not dispense with quality: in the production of our products, we focus on innovation and best materials. We are known to our customers for our punctuality and adherence to delivery dates.

We are a team.

The team concept is important to us. We want to work hand in hand and support each other. We are fair towards our staff members, colleagues and business partners. Our relationship is based on an open and honest communication, with respect to the opposite number.

Our organisation is transparent.

Our organisation is designed to be transparent and exemplary. Each member of the staff should know all positions in the company and live the spirit of the company. Information is passed on promptly and comprehensively.

We assume responsibility.

We bear responsibility for the well-being of the staff members and investors. In order to be a strong economic partner for them, we want to face the challenges of the market by means of product innovations and improvements as well as by farsighted economic action. At the same time, we protect our products by patents. By providing funding for good ideas, we want to ensure a high degree of innovation.


ITA – Solution for Reactions.